Spirit Fusion


This is a technique used to fuse with a spirit but as a company suggestion, you should use your guardian spirit or totem.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Yourself Your Guardian spirit who is willing (soul partner, totem spirit, ect.) A Clear Mind and Soul

Casting Instructions for ‘Spirit Fusion’

To Fuse with your chosen spirit, Hold your hand out to them with all of your energy concentrated on the middle point of your palm. When you are feeling a tremendous increase in the energy focused in your palm, bring your hand to your mouth and in a long breath inhale the energy. You should feel it course through you. Then close your eyes and give up half of your being. The spirit will come over that half. Then merge again with the other half of your being. Once you open your eyes you may fell a strong force exerting from you. You have completed a fusion.
While in a fusion, you will take on characteristics of said spirit, usually in behaviour but over time you may subconsciously change yourself to better suit the spirit your fusing with. By way of example, my spouse is a tiger soul and I keep long nails and eat mainly meats.
Now, defusing with the spirit is simple. There are two methods. One, Force the spirit from your contentiousness and exhale it out. Two, Relax and let go, and the spirit will leave in time.
1-This may not operate for every individual, especially the first time.
2-Letting a spirit hold over half of your contentiousness is harmful and could possibly rip you out of your body or ruin your body.
3-Be EXTREMELY selective in your choice in spirit. Once more, I suggest using your guardian or totem.

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