Subtle Feeling


Learning to feel subtle things, this requires practice and attempt daily. It is not a 1 time thing. If you do not practice it wont work, if you lie to yourself and say that it worked you wont progress to really doing things.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Subtle Feeling’

This is designed to let you feel subtle things, also teaches you to place your concentration on a particular area, which is handy for future spells I will write. I will try not to use specific symbolism as far as possible, I will also try not tell you WHAT to sense as much as I can, so that you can’t convince yourself to feel certain things, and instead feel what comes.
Sit down in a comfortable position, but one that will enable your stomach room to expand, do not stand, and don’t sit on tough places. You do not want the pressure of the hard ground to produce your concentration waver.
Start to concentrate on the lowest part of your stomach, the area bellow the navel but not too much down. Take deep breaths, and try to bring the air within that area, allow the region to expand naturally. (The air wont go there, it will remain in your lungs, but make the effort. Most probably the region will expand naturally as an impact of you breathing into the thoracic region). Soon you should get a rhythm going with your breathing.
Try your hardest to feel everything that goes on in that area, dont worry about the truth, just focus. Feel the growth, but not only the skin on the outside, include the hollowness expanding it creates. If you get any other feelings, not them and move on. Don’t carry through with them if you don’t feel as if you must.
When you can feel the hollowed out area obviously, or anything else seems to be there (try not to inflict feelings), then you can gradually stop and bring your concentration back to whatever. If you feel a need to finish this ritualistically you can, I just don’t think it is essential as you havent done anything.

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