Pokemon Spells


There is two spells :

1. Half Pokemon
2. Get your Pokemon

You will need the following items for this spell:

Colouring Pencil
Water, especially shower
Some elements attributes
A picture of a pokemon and pokeball
Night Time and Alone Time
Calm and Relaxed
Focus and Visualisation
Belief and Concentration
Much energy

Casting Instructions for ‘Pokemon Spells’

The first, I introduce what’s half pokemon. Half pokemon is a combination between human and a pokemon. Half Pokemon is always shaped like human.
Here is the spell, really hard :

• Sit night and put and down in a comfortable pose alone.
• Draw the pokemon you wish to combine with.
• Colour it as what it is like.
• Chant :
“Goddess of Pokemon, I call thee! Let me change into a half pokemon, I will use it wisely, thanks I give to you, so mote it be!”
• And then have a kiss of the paper and fold it and put it under your pillow! (while doing so, make sure you’re visualising you are changing)”
• And then have a shower and after that wipe the lotion to all parts of your body!
• And then take a sleep!
• Every night, chant the same as before and kiss your paper, put it under your pillow!

*** Side Effects ***
Communicate with your pokemon
Feel stronger
Weird feelings and senses
Body-parts changing

Now, I am introducing the next part, to muster a pokemon, really small at first!

Here it is :

• Sit comfy
• Take a paper and draw you and your pokemon (1 inch same as 1 feet)!
• Colour them.
• Fold it and kiss. Chant :
“Goddess of Pokemon, pokemon I will be, turn me (___), I will use it wisely, thanks I give to you, so mote it be!”
• Put it under pillow, and chant it every night and kiss it!

Side Effects same!

I am now Half Glaceon!!!
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