Release The Inner You Spell


Have you ever thought that the voice inside your mind was more then just your conscience talking? It might be that inner beast within getting ready to be unchained.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A focused mind.
A couple of candles here and there.
A early picture of you.
A written in pencil paper on what your inner you should be like.
Zen music(optional).
Have to be completely alone.

Casting Directions for ‘Release The Inner You Spell’

Now place a few candles here and there. The more candles the more powerful the spell. Take to picture of you and focus on every detail then take a pen and write done everything you need to see different. Be it hair color or mood change like an opposite you if you want. Now if you picked Zen music then that helps to calm the mind. No make sure you’re completely alone because at your own risk you may unleash a deamon that lay dorment in you.
Now close your eyes and imagine that you are in a room with all these doors surrounding you. Just one door is the right door to what you need. Open the incorrect door then I wish you luck with that. No, the door you need is the only one that needs a key. Find that door and plan to open it because what sets in chains is that inner you. They will ask do you need me, you answer yes or no. If no then you can enter at any time. If so then you will take their place and watch the world through their eyes. If they ask do you need me instead of need me then do not answer, turn around and lock the door in behind you. A need and a wabt are two distinct things. Now as soon as the spell is finished you will return to normal. It should only last a day, but if it continues then so mote it be.

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