Animal Release Spell


A spell to release an animal’s soul and spirit, pet you lost. Type of a funeral rite.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Sandalwood incense
1 Brown candle
2 Black candle
1 White Candle
Picture of your lost pet
Quartz Crystal
White sage
Bowl of Water
Bowl of animal food

Casting Directions for ‘Animal Release Spell’

Set up your altar as you see fit, in the event of this rite, it ought to be mellow to get a proper funeral. When prepared invoke the gods of your pantheon. In cases like this, gods of the afterworld and religions of animal protection. (Never invoke gods that are not of your faith nor gods you know nothing about)

Light any candles you would like to use as illumination. Perform first prayers and present your offerings and then the white sage.

Take up the brown candle and hold it tight. Infuse the candle with images of the pet you ost. As you do state the follwoing:

“__(Pet name)__, I love you so much
And I miss you so much
Know that even though you are gone,
You will always be in my heart.
This candle I light is a part of you.
As this candle burns away,
I set you free from the deadly world
And yet, we’ll always be together.”

Rest a minute and when read light the two black candles and say the following:

“My god and god of the afterworld, may you make the trip of __(Pets Name)__ to the Isles of the Blessed swift and sure. I ask that the blessing of the Spirits of the Ancestors, of Time and of Place, and of the journey be blessed.
I ask the Blessing of the Spirits of North and South, East and West be with you. I ask that __(Pet name)__ be blessed with Fire and with Water, with Earth, with Air, with Spirit, with Spirit and with Balance.
I ask for the blessing of the Lord and Lady of the Animals and the Woods, the Mountains and the Streams. I ask the Blessing of the Lord and Lady of the Wildwood may always be with you.”

Take a moment and lighlt the white candle and say the following:

“By the beauty of the fields, the woods and the sea, by the splendour that’s set up on all that s, we send you our own love and blessings, dear __(Pet Name)__.
As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, so too are each of us born and so too do every one of us perish. But as the sun returns anew each day, so too might we return to earth, refreshed and revived.”
Now have some time and relax. Play some music for a moment. When ready say the following:

“You are free to go now, Little One.
Rejoice and perform the time has come
For your spirit to be on its way.
Have fun, be happy your love will stay!”

Pick up the rock and state the following:

“So long as this rock is close to me, together we shall always be.
And though I may gain another pet in time to come
You can never be replace, you hold a special place in my heart.
When it is time for me to step on the shores of evermore,
We’ll once again be together. . .for-ever-more.”


“Seven days, Seven days the gods have alloted all spirits and spirits,
To travel the world and bid farewell to those we loved in life.
I open my door and open my windows
That we might be together one finali
time, for one last kiss.”

Let the brown and white candle burn out on its own. Blow out thelack candles just afterwards speaking “With enjoys sweet kiss.” Never pinch out a candle, because it’s dangerous and rude. Whatever is left of the wax place in a jar with the picture and a pinch left of the white sage. Burn it in the hole along with the bowl of water and food. (Use a old tin to the water and food.) Then bury them all and if possible with your pet.


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