Willow Spells


You may use knots to ‘fix’ a spell — which is to maintain energy to discharge energy that it occurs at a chosen time or to stop something from happening. You may use string, ribbon or maybe living grasses. Willow withies such as those are good to use for this type of spell since willow enhances intuition. Knots let you make sure where you want it to go that the energy you’ve guided goes.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A short length of string, ribbon, bud

Casting Directions for ‘Willow Spells’

As always you should be conscious of the fact that it is wrong to attempt and force someone to do something. Carefully consider your actions and be clear as to why you’re currently trying to influence a situation.

You might, in spells prepare the groundwork for success but tie a knot to keep some control over when the conditions dictate a release. Let us assume you will need to make an impact and that you have a court case which needs some management.

Take your favorite length of material and as you tie a knot, chant words such as: As this knot is tied in thee: The power is held until set. Tis bound, until on my control. The knowledge comes as planned.

Put the knot is released by the object in your pocket, then possibly on the morning of the case in your favorite moment. This will let you have energy and all the information you will need for a successful outcome.

You can use though the process is slightly different, this same knot tying to improve your fantasy content. If you would like to find the response having thought things through as much as you can, hold the withy in your hand and allow your energy to flow into it.

Tie a knot whilst Grab now my fantasies and hold them still. That I may know what is thy will. Create a space that I’ll see; What answer will be best for me Sleep with the tied knot and wait for inspiration

You may not get the solution on the first night, so be prepared sleep with the knot in place for three or more nights. While the answer may not always come in a dream you’ll find that shortly afterwards the resolution comes about in a flash of inspiration, a certainty of the action that is right or through information from an outside source. The method helps to ensure that you have received help from your own self and the powers that be.

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