Shielding Spells


A series of shields. By: Vladimier Valentine

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Shielding Spells’

Combine earth energy for stability and power with fire for additional strength and longer effect. Then combine wind for fluidity and flexibility in addition to its massive power. Use this on yourself and be sure that the combination is right. Add light to the mix as a membrane to hold more power in tiny molecules further heightening the amount of sheer power the shield may thus hold. Use this as an inner shield.

For the outer shield include darkness and chaos energy in order to make a flexible and acidic. To do this make sure the chaos energy out weighs the dark by 10 percent. This will make it so that all energies poisoned as well as which will touch the shield should be destroyed. Add a reflective quality by tinging the tips of the outer parts of the shield with energy that’s light, this can make it additionally reflect energy if it comes to quickly and it will so be poisoned. Only add hints of so called light energy otherwise you’ll throw away the balance of the shield. Make it so that when the shield explodes or rather is rendered useless it will fly into pieces and dissolve and destroy any negative energy so aimed for you and so on.


Connect these two shields so they can feed every other electricity but so one will not fail while some of the others does. This will permit them to transfer power between themselves if a person is about ot be destroyed in order to power the rest of the competent one and so on. Make sure you so program it right though.

Do create a second outer shield and do the same with the connecting if you really wish this to be very effective.

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By: Vladimier Valentine

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