Sheilding your Book of Shadows


A spell to protect your Book of Shadows from unwanted energy and use.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Red Candle
White Candle
Black Candle(Powerful Curse Only)

Casting Directions for ‘Sheilding your Book of Shadows’

This spell will take roughly 1 hour. Make certain it is impossible you will be interrupted. If you’re, multiple bad things could happen. Ground for as long as necessary. Get out you energy all. Cast a shield around you. This should prevent everything from entering, not just negative energy. Cast the circle. Do not call the components or the gods. The gods will be called.

Place the Book of Shadows. Kneel next to it. Light the white candle and the red. Say out loud: I call upon the goddess for her wisdom is needed for the bliss of protection of my book. I call upon the god for the force of security. I call upon both powers to combine to create wise force to protect my Book of Shadows.

Place your hands roughly 3 inches away from the top of your book. Think of a power shield. Think of it repelling negative energy. If wanted, you can put a protection spell on your publication. Including a curse, and based upon the power, it may or may not eliminate your pure white magic for a month or two. To begin speak: I want to further protect my Book. I throw a curse to activate when someone finds this publication and decides that they want to read. May this curse be levied on thee. As you say that, consider the curse you would like to inflict being done to anybody. Use a stick figure, or your enemy, or whatever.

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