Summoning Voice of the Shadows


This spell isn’t for the weak, this is for people that want answers on those what they visualize, hear, and feel. I don’t recommend not having charm, or a security circle.

Speedy summary – I have observed, hear, touched, and spoke to shadows for years, some are friendly some aren’t I’ve awakened with cuts on me and been held down before. So be careful and be wise.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Two candles (scented does not matter what kind, I prefer vanilla or an herbal scent)
Full moon
Complete concentration
Third Eye

Casting Directions for ‘Summoning Voice of the Shadows’

Light your candles, you can do this anywhere, in your area, bathroom, living room, where ever appears more comfy.

Make sure it is a full moon and dark (on here will tell you moon phases, if you really want to know when the next full moon is just google it.)

Meditate for a few minutes, breathe in slowly, take deep breaths, let the aroma of these candles fill your lungs, and cleanse your mind from anything that happened that day. Make sure that you are very still, open your third eye, imagine where you’re, memorize the space, then open your eyes.

Chant this slowly

“I know you are here, I noticed you follow me, I know you want to contact mepersonally, but I want answers, if you are here today, show me a sign, whisper into my ear, let me know that You’re near”

After chanting you ought to hear a non hushed voice, or something moving across your area, don’t be afraid, be sure to keep your eye on it if you do see something moving.

If you are new to SoM, I suggest practicing small, easy spells, this spell may either give you a head ache or scare you.

I’m not responsible for the following nightmares, headaches, feeling like your chest is heavy, and feeling cold…

If you have any queries please email me. If the spell functions, and you can’t get rid of the shadow, I will let you know how.

If you wish to get a shadow to guard you while you sleep, just say “I welcome you, shield me during this night, allow me to rest and awake refreshed, don’t let them through the gate, I hope you, you need to trust me.” There’s a 10% chance that this will work.

All this worked for me, particularly if I loose contact with these if it lost it’s way. .

Have fun!!

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