Summoning “Massacre the Deathbringer”


“Massacre the Deathbringer” is a dragon that sees most mortals as roaches to be exterminated. Her unusual appearance and colouring make her look beautiful to everyone and everything, even to those that believe dragons to be nasty. She will appear as a gorgeous hybrid with big wings. She walks among humankind to find out who she will spare. This spell will summon her to make you her mortal child. WARNING: THIS SPELL IS VERY DANGEROUS! YOU COULD POTENTIONALLY DIE IF SHE DOESN’T SEE YOU WORTHY ENOUGH! AND SHE IS VERY REAL!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Three candles (black, silver, and icy blue)
Your blood (She will “allure” it)
A chalice, or something else to hold your blood in
A knife (if you did not get your blood beforehand)
Commitment (this Isn’t reversible)
Night time (After 22:00, or 10 p.m.)

Casting Directions for ‘Summoning “Massacre the Deathbringer”‘

-Be sure to have your blood otherwise you’ll need the knife
-Set the candles in a triangle, with the black candle at the point. Put what you’re using for the blood in the center.
-If you have not gotten your blood ahead, use the knife. You don’t need a lot of blood, just a couple of drops will do.
-there is ABSOLUTELY NO TURNING BACK. You HAVE to be fully commited, or she’ll kill you as she will find you “too weak.”
-Say this with utmost respect, “Massacre the Deathbringer, I call upon you. I want to serve for you. I want to change just like you. Please allow me to become your mortal child.”
-watch for the candles. She’s accepted your plea if the wind blows them out. Now, you may not see her, but you should feel overwhelming energy. You may or may not see a spark fly. Wait at least thirteen seconds for her to “bless” it. Once she’s done, drink the blood. Thank her for accepting you. You may proceed to go to bed.
-When the flames are still active run. She finds you “not worthy.” Before she kills you, Run into your home.

Side effects (if you are accepted):
-Feeling powerful
-Phantom limbs
-Seeing everybody as “lower than you”
-Random transformations at night (you won’t remember, however)
-Dreams of Massacre (you may see what she looks like)

If you are NOT accepted:
-Feel like something’s watching you (and doesn’t feel welcoming)
-Nightmares of Massacre
-Feeling like you’re “living in fear”
-Obtaining random shocks and wounds and not knowing how you got them

PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! You CANNOT cast a protection spell since she is too powerful! And PLEASE, I mean PLEASE treat her with respect (not getting any respect is the major reason why she wants to slay humanity)!

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