The Union of Venus and Mars


Try this spell on a Tuesday, the day of the week traditionally associated with Venus, or on a Friday with Mars and you need to find that love comes your way. It is, needless to say, up to you whether you recognize it!

You will need the following items for this spell:

A piece of rose quartz, jade, aventurine or moonstone
Camomile, sorrel or bay
Gardenias,tansies or roses bound as a posy
Sunflower or carrier oil that is appropriate
One of these essential oils: rose absolute/Bulgar/Maroc/Patchouli/ Ylang ylang/Geranium
Any small item that holds associations for you
1 altar candle
Two taper candles that are pink
A bolline or burin

Casting Directions for ‘The Marriage of Venus and Mars’

Add one drop of your chosen essential oil into the carrier oil and set it on the altar with the other material you are going to use. Kneel in front of the altar. Light the candle and meditate quietly in front of it. Take one of those candles that are pink and use the knife or burin to split the emblem of Venus at the top of the candle. Place back then rub on some of the oil. Dress the inscribed candle, visualizing that you’re empowering the candle with your desire and drawing on the oil towards you.

Once the candle was annointed, and still visualizing, rub your hands together, keeping the candle between your palms.After a moment or 2, when you feel that the candle is properly empowered, place it back in its holder and choose the second pink candle and then split the symbol of Mars at the top. Anoint it as you did the first one, rub on it between the palms of your hands then place it back in the holder.

Light both candles and say: Love to me I pray you bring But my heart Fills so that it Rejoice, will sing and let me love. And it harm none, so be it

Watch if the flames flicker and the candles burn down and die fetch the ritual into a conclusion in the normal way.

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