Lost Love Reunion Spell


This will bring a lost love back by unblocking obstacles showing you dreams of your future, and communicating your desire. Note: Spell may be performed for greater potency.

You’ll need the following items for this spell:

Two Pink Candles
One Red Candle
One White Candle
Sandalwood Incense
Opium Incense
Chili Powder
Salt (preferably sea but table is fine)
Paper (2 sheets)
Vanilla Extract
Glass with water
Razor blade or knife
Photo of person (doesn’t matter if its published)
Purple or red cloth large enough to cover area you will be working in
A Stone (is a driveway pebble as long as it’s clean)
Lighter or matches (for candles/incense)
A small bell
A sacred book (Bible, Qu’ran, Buckland’s what have you)

Casting Directions for ‘Lost Love Reunion Spell’

Lay out the cloth flat. Ring the bell three times and open the book to a random page. Place the glass and stone on the fabric with candles and incense (be sure to be safe at all times)… put the galss so its close your left hand, this is the hand you may use to raise it. Keep your spice. Set up the pen and paper so that you can write. Sit/stand where you will be performing the spell and visualize the item. Take slow deep breaths and think of all you know of that person. Close your eyes and picture of each detail you can consider their physical features. Keeping your eyes closed pretend you’re with steps at the base of a castle tower. Imagine each of these steps is numbered 1-100 ascendingly (you are at 100). With each breath pretend you ascend a step.

On each step think you are getting to them, thinking of something about every time. Such as : 100 , they’re the top, they enjoy kung fu movies. If you run out of things, use a memory or they make you feel. Such as: 35, Im getting close. When you hit one open your eyes and light the Pink and white candles and incense. Chant three times: Come ye as the charm is made, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell work my will, And Lend your power unto the spell. By all the power of land and sea, By all the might of moon and sun. With the passion of Venus, And will of Mars, Through dark and raging spinning stars. I call the Earth to bind Air, my spell and end to speed it well, Bright as fire will it glow. Deep of water flow as tide. Count the components fourfold, In the fifth this spell will hold.

Ring the bell one time. Set the bell down and lift your hands skyward palms up. Chant three times: Reveal my wish that is my will, Be it good or be it ill, With open heart I search to see, What (persons full name) holds for me. Come in unlying dreams, Let me wake with memory. Write your wish on one of those sheets of paper with both your full names three times. Write what seperates you (time, space, disloyalty, ect.) On the sheet three times as well. Light the red candle and picture them. Put of the chili powder to your hand. Sprinkle the powder to water while and the candles saying what you would like to say to them temporarily. Light the opium incense. Hold the paper you wrote the obstacles at arms length composing facing out.

Chant three times: Candles burn to fortify my will, This spell be cast through good and ill, Eliminate these boundaries from (title) and my route, Unblock these streets and permit passage, By Venus and Aphrodite, By Mars and Ares, Clear the way. Use the knife or blade to cut at at the obstacle paper to shreds and scatter it across your fabric preventing any things. Take some salt on your hand and sprinkle it to the water and across the shreds. Say three times: I banish pain. Pour some Vanilla . Set the photo.

Heed this cry, chant five occasions: Bring fire, joy, and fire Universe and Mother Earth. As above, So below. Heavens mote it be, Bring my be-loved (title) back to me. Take the paper place the face up along with it. Fold them both together in half twice. Draw on an eye that is open . Set this in the center of your fabric. Chant three times: Prove my wish that is my will, Be it good or be it ill, With open heart I seek to see, What (persons full name) holds for me. Come unlying dreams, Let me wake with memory. Drink a few of the water.

Chant three times: C ome ye as the charm is made, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, Horned hunter of the night, Lend your power unto the spell, And work my will by magic rite. By all the power of sea and land, By all the might of sun and moon. With Venus’ passion, And will of Mars, Through raging and dark stars. I call the Earth to bind my spell, Air and wind to rate it well, Bright as fire shall it shine. Deep of water flow as tide. Count the components fourfold this spell shall hold. Drink a bit more water when concentrating on the last time you watched them. Chant three times: Let the damage be achieved, Begin the mend, The time is now for this reduction to finish. By the God and Goddess I will it be, Let my love (name) see.

Extinguish the candles and wash up. Place the paper with the photo in it under your pillow when you sleep and in a pocket when you are awake for three days. Be sure to write down any impressions. This is potent, USE WITH CAUTION, be sure getting this individual back is neccesarily great for you before performing.

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