Real love can’t be created by this spellmake the two people believe they’re in love till you state the spell.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Candle (Any color, preferably white, pink, or red)
Paper (White, pink, or red)
Writing Utensil
Small Box

Casting Directions for ‘Enjoy’

Light the candle, make sure to be careful. Take your piece of paper and write down details of the person. Just the basics, like their personality, height, physical and name description. The next person on a different piece of paper, using the same diagram as above

As it burns place the two papers in the candle say this: Dea amoris haec cum potentissimis habes benedicere. (English translation: Goddess of love, Aphrodite, please bless these two with the most powerfull love you have.) After you’re done, take the ashes and place them in the box. As you do this say: Dea matrimonium, Hera auxilio deam amoris haec duo anteferretur. (English Translation: Goddess of Marriage, Hera, please help the godess of love in helping these twos love for eachother.) Take the box as you dig the hole and bury it in your yard state cum duo ex vobis miscere vires binas benedicere amore. (English Translation: Please, as the both of you combind your abilities, please bless both with love) When you drop the box in, say this: Sicut autem ex altera solem suum oriri super terram, haec duo tanquam mentis amorem incidere. Regere nequit invenient se amore deperibat (English Translation: Today, as the next sun rise comes Upond this land, these two will fall to a love-like trance. Unable to control it, they will find themselves desperately in love) When you need this spell to reverse (or no more function) take out the box while saying this: Deam Venerem Juno, bene fecistis. Jam quaero tibi tollere amoris habent. (English Translation: Goddess Aphrodite, Godess Hera, you’ve done well. Now all I ask if for you to take away the love they have.) Take the ashes out and flush them down the toilet, since the flush down states these words: Gratias ago vos pro me auxilium tuum (English Translation: I thank you for your help)

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