Infinte Love


Worked for me, hope it will work for you. This spell will bring you love.

You may need the following items for this spell:

5 red/pink candles
2 white candles
A bowl of sand/dirt
Red rope
Some water
Your favorite incense(it works better with sweet one)
A ring, necklace, bracelet(optional)
A knife

Casting Instructions for ‘Infinte Love’

Draw a pantacle on a surface and put a red candle. Place the bowl. Light the candles by following the traces of the pentacle and say this words:

Fire burning,water wind howling and earth. Witness me and be my guide(X5)

While this throw some water on the pentacle,take care not to turn of the candles! Write the one you would like to atrract complete names on the candles or yours and your lovers. Take the red rope and tie the white candles with the infinity symbol(turned 8)while performing this picture theres a red rope linking you and your love.

Place the candles that are tied in the bowl of sand and say 5 times:forever and ever while imaging the two of you holding hands. Light the white candles while chanting:since they are binding so will we(X5) Again think of both of you.

If you want to use some jewelry you can choose your piece put it in the dirt and say:if gift will be accepted so will our love(X5) After chanting the ring give it to your love. Say the chant that is final:

Elements around me as one, our love will be hot as much. Binded by the course of life, our love wont be cut as the rope by knife. (say this 10 times)

Nos amant in aeternum(state this 5 times after finishing the first chant)

Cut the red rope. (dont get the candles from the sand). Burn the candle using every of the red candles(burn it with one and blow,then the other-again from the pentacles lines) Burn the red rope using the white candle you wrote your name on. Then spill some of the red wax into the bowl with candles and the white and let them burn.

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