Spell to reveal someone’s true name (very powerful)


For those who don’t know a name that is true is a so some may not believe in this at all, is a belief. Some believe this name or comparable anyway is provided to you by your mother at birth she will whisper it in your ear. Other think the gods bestowed a name that is sacred at birth on you, though distinct methods you’ve got a name you can use when addressing the gods and others believe. So really it depends on your path. You have discovered, if it feels right to you, try asking your God/Goddess concerning the name, that you wish to be called by the name, or if they understand it. If you feel it will give them power over you if it feels right for you use the name, but don’t tell people. This is meant to be a strong name that gives you strengths and others could use this to control your will. (this definition was provided by a user on this website called Nekoshema, however the charm and ritual was written by me, WitchofEarth)

(this is my own words) In Egyptian mythology a true name is the name of this soul, this title is different for everyone. So your name differs from the true name of anyone else. For those people who are wondering your true name won’t be an actual name, such a Matthew or Sarah, it will be like a series of letters that form a “word” It is quite important you are one hundred percent sure about how to announce someone’s true name, for if a true name is pronounced incorrectly you could cause harm to the person or even possibly wipe them out of existence. This spell should be used if you’ve got a strong desire to know the true name of someone, this spell will work even if you just need to know a person’s true name with no justifiable reason. Needing to have a strong enough reason to know a person’s true name is just a portion of my code of ethics. Also, if you speak someone name out even if name you know can’t even hear you. So if you were at home and they weren’t anywhere nearby. You will get power over the 12, once that name is spoken. It will feel like something has been drawn to you it will happen the moment you speak their true name out. ((This spell was added on 3/17/17 at 3:28pm))

You will need the following items for this spell:

A strong need to know this information

Casting Instructions for ‘Spell to disclose someone’s true name (very powerful)’

Say this chant to raise power “Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, I call to you to make this spell magic so mote it be”

Chant at least three times
“Letters of the alphabet align yourselves and get set, disclose (name of intended)* true name now to me, in my mind his/her true name I will see. Tell me how I announce his/her true name, be it’s meaning wild or tame”

Do not forget to bind your spell by saying “For the good of all and to hurt none that this spell is bound as is to not be undone, by the power of three times as I do will, so mote it be”

* this means You’ll have to add an

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