Create True Love


A spell for creating unconditional love.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 pink candles
3 red candles
1 purple candle
Rose quartz
Red rose
Love incense
Red or pink paper heart

Casting Directions for ‘Create True Love’

A red burn love incense, rose quartz and rose. Any offerings of love will enhance this spell and may be utilised as symbolism or an offering. Light all of the candles and set them. In a bowl add a apple and strawberry. Smash the 2 fruits together making it a mush.

Add the rosemary and honey into the mush mixing it. Meditate surrounding you. Think coming true. Focus on all of those thoughts, visualize, and focus. Think that you want in a lover and look for wanting in love. Chant:

True love I search to see for you to come find me. My soul mate so far away come nearer near me. With words of love and your love from above surround me with your embrace. True love come the one for me, to me, you belong to me. So mote it be, as I will it!

Allow the candles to burn out themselves while leaving everything on your shift over night. If you desire, you may eat some of the mush but leave most of it.

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