Spell of True Love


This spell of true love only works if you are in a love triangle. This charm will sort out the problem in your favor.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 wooden altar
1 altar bowl
The Awakenings of 10 Azahran
8 small candles
1 black or white chalk

Casting Instructions for ‘Spell of True Love’

Instructions for the spell of true love
(1) Set the altar facing magnetic east. Have the altar bowl at the centre with two candles behind the altar bowl. Draw on a six point star with the chalk big enough to sit with the altar facing the point. Put a red candle at each point. Light the candles in whatever order suits you sit in the middle. Sit and relax your body. Without paying attention allow the thoughts in your head go.
(2) Open your third eye to see your manuals.
(3) Visualize a radiant white light when chanting the next line.
(4) Burn an offering once you call each title.
(5) Burn an offering after this line.
(6) Open your mind to Aisha’s powers and project them into the guy who’s driving your love away. Another man’s name is put into this (name) blank.
(7) You use Aisha’s powers to induce the emotions to the way they need to flow. The feelings are open to suggestion, so push on your ideas through Aisha Toma into your love. The lucky individual’s name is placed into this (name) blank.
(8) Burn the previous offering.

(1) Hear my thoughts and answer me Puthadian Gods. With my path to light, I ask you to guide them. The candles are my guides and their flames are their swords to protect me. Almighty Puthadian Gods come and hear me!
(2) The candles light my path and I request you to direct them. The candles are my guides and they are guided by you.
(3) Puthadian Gods, direct me to the light.
(4) Rekale, Goddess of Dreams, I invoke thee.
Jubali, God of Temptation, I invoke thee.
Fovita, God of Sexual Pleasure, I invoke thee.
Toko, God of Time, I invoke thee.
Shana, Goddess of Peace, I invoke thee.
Tivanuf, God of the Majestic, I invoke thee.
Tosha, Goddess of the Righteous One, I invoke thee.
Juda, God of Wine, I invoke thee.
(5) I ask of you these favors to make this journey safe and joyous in your sacred names, accept this offering of Prophecy pages?
(6) In the name of Aisha that the Goddess of Love and Hate, bring the desires of my heart to me. By the Power of Hate, push away (name) who is holding back my love from me with the power of this love not supposed to be, make mine to be.
(7) By the Power of Love I turn the Power of Hate into love for me. Drive all others away and bring (name) to me. Bind it to me, if my love is mine. This is what it has to be.
(8) Hail Aisha the Goddess of Love and Hate.
I have to be done for this time and release you. Until we meet, we can end this session and return to our worlds.

Blessed be and may this spell of true love work for you

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