Very Simple Romance


This is a spell for all you women that are in a relationship and want their boyfriend/partner/ husband was romantic and attentive OR a charm for single girls who are searching for their prince charming and keep meeting guys who only have interest in one night stands.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Beautiful pink roses
Rose water
5 Rose quartz crystals
Lots of Pink candles
Sandlewood incense

Casting Directions for ‘Very Simple Romance’

Run yourself a gorgeous hot bath Light all your pink candles (you can place them around the tub or just around the bathroom keeping your security in mind when getting in and out of the tub!) Your rose petals over the surface of the water breathe in the smell and swirl them in the water in a clockwise motion. Light your incense and fan the smoke a little with your hand. Place so you have one quartz crystals rose. Then one at the foot of another to your right and the bath to your left foot foot. (Think of your body as a star shape.) Get in the bath allow your mind to meditate and your body, focus on your breathing and the heat of the water. This spell was created in the mindset of a woman who wants a relationship. I love being purchased red roses and roses from being there but love comes to offer you an ear to listen or just someone to rubs your feet after a day at work or a shoulder.

Consider this as you lay in the bath giving you a neck rub and kissing your neck and telling you he is to be with you or making you a beautiful candle dinner. Say out loud :’m worthy of love, I am worthy of grace passion and fulfillment take their place. In my mind and in my thoughts love and love is mine. This is excellent for your skin and its works after saying your enchantment bathe yourself in your rose water. Get out of the bath and dry yourself down. 1 word when doing this love charm of warning: you have to believe that you are worthy of being treated to work. If you in a relationship that has gone a little… shall we say, stale and you cast your spell and nothing changes then perhaps this is a indication that this person isnt right for you but someone else is.

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