Summoning a Ancient


This summoning is not for the newcomer of magick casters. This summoning summons a ancient… aka really old dieties almost forgotten from the pages of history.

**** Warning**** only the complex of heart in magick can attain this task, it is also dangerous to do so, do at your own risk.

You will need the following items for this spell:

5 white and 5 blue candles a long lighter a blank book with nothing written it can be hand made a pen or pencil of your choice a pentacle, non inverted myrrth incense with burner

Casting Directions for ‘Summoning a Ancient’

Place the pentacle were there is tons of room on the floor so one point of the pentacle faces the east. Lay the blank book that you made or obtained from a shop somewere “you can make a book by buying college ruled paper with pre punched holes and adding string into the holes and tying it off” near the pentacle but not over 3″ near the pentacle and put the pencil or pencil on top of the blank book.

Now encircle the pentacle and the book with the white candles, which makes sure the candles are vertical to the pentacles edges. Now put the blue candles inbetween the white candles about 3 inches farther apart from the white candles “further away”. Make sure that the candles are on some kind of fire proof material before you light them.

Light the white candle first that points to the east and work clockwise until you completed the white candle lighting. Start up the inscense, it has to be outside of the candle ring inbetween the blue and white candles, let’s smoke. Now chant this:: I call the early of whom I wish to talk, to ask of knowledge and peace. i summon you with the candle white and lifting smoke to my home.:::

Now start to light the blue candles starting from the west while chanting: : I provide you with the publication of nothing to write your thoughts as they pass through my hands and on the paper to see with mine eyes and a pentacle for seeing whom I am.

Now visualize the pentacle with a eye in the middle of it looking around the room and on you studying you, then cast your gaze onto the blank book and pencil onto and think the words of what you would like to speak about to the ancient in the pentacle. If you have a urge to write or jott down something onto the newspaper DO IT!! You might feel stupid but it’s the way the ancients talk back. I know I had difficulty doing it myself believing it was me thinking up the answers.

When your done with the convo thank the ancient and if the early wishes you to know his name he will allow you to know by whispering it into your head. To finish the casting you just have to do everything in reverse, even saying the cant in revers but your blowing the candles out. . 😀 any questions just pm me and I will answer them for ya.

Great LUCK!!!

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