Energy Summoning


If you are feeling stressed or sad or psychological, do this spell to relax and calm down. It also assists as meditation and the energy gained can help do another bout.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Quiet place of choice Comfortable place to sit (not a stop or seat) Belief Voice (if a-mute, say verses in head) Any colour candle (Optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Energy Summoning’

Sit crossed legged on a comfortable surface.
Close your eyes once you’re comfortable.
Listen to the world around you.
Concentrate on your breathing – inhale. . .exhale…
Imagine everytime you breath in, you collect energy.
Now build up all the bad energy by imagining a black cloud or something dark, build it on your chest, surrounded by the glowing energy you have just inhaled.
Breathe out a long breath. . .let all your bad emotions and dark energy flow out of you. Imagine all the wonderful light energy filling you up again.
Now say:

The energy I need is inside of me…

Gradually becoming louder everytime. Continue until your hands tingle and the energy has filled you up. It is going to only function of you BELIEVE the energy is there.
When you feel the tingling, get quieter and quieter until you’re whispering the verse. Then put you hands in front of you and say:

I am empowered now.

3 times in a whisper.

If you have a candle, blow it out. You should feel strong, relaxed and empowered inside and emotionally lifted. Otherwise, dont worry. Try again and try to stretch out with your feelings.
Everyone has different ways on meditating. This way, in my opinion, is one of the very best and works for me. If it doesnt feel comfortable for you, try out different ways and discover the way for you.

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