Energy Love Revisited


This spell is a energy spell and isn’t intended to manipulate a person to love you but to bring new love for you. When preforming this spell it’s ok to consider characteristics or aspects of people but please don’t direct it.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 red (possibly cinnamon) candle
1 ring (or other piece of jewelry)

Casting Directions for ‘Energy Love’

Where you wont be disturbed proceed to a calm room and lay your materials out. Hold the candle in your (dominant) hand, and temporarily visualize what you would like. Tense the muscles in your arm (building up your energy) and the unwind (releasing you energy to the candle this is charging the candle with the rituals intentions) Light the candle. Let the candles aroma fill your lungs, feel the energy the candle has released. Watch the energy moving through and around you (shut your eyes and picture it) Once you feel a connection say at least twice: Burning candle bring to me The enduring love I seek (Describe the kind of person) Picture your new love there with you. Feel the energy that is candles surround you and take shape. Imagine them whispering kind things in your ear. Feel their existence. Spend what it would be like to be with them and about five minutes in deep thought about them. Now pick up the ring in one hand and hold the candle in your other. Once more feel that the candles energy flowing into you; then let it flow into the ring as you’re doing this state (chant): Into this ring I pour this energy In doing so I call to be This (wo)man I need with me Spend a few moments just letting the energy flow from the candle, to you, then to the ring. When you feel as though you are finished put on and forget about it and the ritual. Let the magic take effect. Note: You should take off the ring to sleep and shower or bathe. This ritual may also be performed with any other piece of jewelry.

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