Cry of the Sea Love Symbol – Another Version


This spell will create an attraction symbol. You have to believe, although it isn’t hard to create. It may be used by you in other bringing casts after creating your emblem.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 Little item that holds a special place in your heart. (Make sure the item can be placed in water with no problem)
1 Glass Bowl
1 Small, smooth, white coloured stone
1 Length of Blue Silk
1 Blue Candle
1 Red Candle
Very Good amount of Seawater

Casting Instructions for ‘Cry of the Sea Love Symbol’

Intro: This spell will teach you how you can enchant and create your Symbol, a powerful object that will fortify your magical abilities. The part that is important is to believe in yourself, and that will present your Symbol the strength. Remember, the Symbol will represent you. Then you’ll have a much easier time, as this spell has been passed down from generations, if you are close with water. Very good luck with the spell! Preparation: Make sure you’re in a location that is quiet. Slow down your breathing, concentrate, and be sure you are truly centered. Close you eyes, and imagine that you are floating. Floating down a river, peaceful ready. Open your eyes. You’re now ready to finish the spell. Instructions: 1. Until the bowl is three quarters full, pour the seawater into the glass bowl. 2. Close your eyes. Pick up your Symbol carefully. Carefully put it over your heart, holding it in position. 3. Open your eyes. Take your Symbol, and blow on it. Then, place your Symbol. 4. Light the candle, and then put out its flame by softly dunking it. 5. Eliminate your Symbol in the bowl, and without drying it, put it. If the Symbol is big, place them side by side, making touching. 6. Place the amount of silk over the bowl of seawater, then pour just 2 drops of water. 7. Light the red candle. Let Symbol air dry.

Chant this Spell:

To the Goddess of the Seas, to the God of the Oceans, May my humble prayer for focus be heard. I shout for thy blessings, for love, my pleas, Only those as powerful as you’ve got what Ive treasured. Make this piece of coal, in the diamond Ive! Power up it with dark and light, powers of love and hate! I beg for thy mercy, but you’ve got what Ive treasured, May my lowly prayer for attention be heard. 8. Pick your Symbol up, and again place it. Blow out the red candle. 9. Blow in your Symbol again, and set it back on or near. Let it air dry. After drying, your Symbol is now ready! It has been charged with a spell thousands of years old, passed down from a great siren, Syrena, the first siren. Most importantly, your love will be attracted by it to you, although it will strengthen your magical, power up your casts. If you can, show your love your Symbol. The closer the Symbol is to the person, the more potent it is!

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