Apple of Benus


Use when you would like to bring you someone with intimate feelings. A love spell, that may have consequences, if free will is bent.

You will need the following items for this spell:

•bigger, A apple
•A piece of paper
•Red ink
•Red ribbon, string, or yarn
•An herb of Venus, e.g. Rose petals, oats, vervain, lilac, peach, or raspberry leaf
•A spade or digging instrument
•Circle casting equipment (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Apple of Benus’

Within a properly cast circle (if you wish), sit facing the South, the element of Fire, ruling over the passions and energy of life. Control it in your hands, and take up the red apple, and declare that it is an instrument of magic, a gift from the Goddess Venus. Discuss its purpose, in this case, a tool used to bring two people together romantically.

Take up the knife, and then divide the apple in half. Lay the two halves, insides up, facing you. On theirs on the other, and one half of this newspaper, write your name together with the red ink. Lay the item with your name on the half, with the name. Lay the piece with theirs on the left half, with the name. The pieces must be small enough to fit inside the apples center.

Place the 2 halves in your hands, ready to be rejoined. Say this over the halves:

Two halves of the same whole, we will be one
Once my spell is done two halves no longer

Rejoin the two halves, and bind them together with yarn or the red ribbon. With an herb of Venus, sprinkle it on the apple that is jump, and speak this spell:

Come to me, (name of other), who I need
See me, and your heart be set on fire.
Think of me, dream of me, in moments and in sleep
You are what I want, who I need with feelings deep.

Kiss the apple, and bury it in the earth, if you can. A home pot may work, so long for that are the spells undoing, as the apple is never unearthed. Speak again:

My spell is done, now come to me
My spell is cast, So mote it be!

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