Passionate Love Sea Shell Spell


A Passionate Love Sea Shell Spell to attract love.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Glass bowl is seen through by -1
-storm or moon or sea water
-1 floating candle (in white, red, or pink)
-1 sea snail shell
-5 white tea lights (optional)
-rose quartz beads (optional)
-pearl beads (optional)
-5 drops of rose oil
-strawberry incense

Casting Directions for ‘Passionate Love Sea Shell Spell

This spell is perfect for landlocked witches like me who’ve felt the call. We’ll be requesting the goddess Aphrodite that is terrific and the sea to assist us in attracting. I suggest leaving an offering to Her later as a thank you for presence and Her assistance in our lives.

Fill the bowl with your moon/storm/sea water (I personally will use eclipse water) and mix in the salt and rose oil, then place your snail shell inside along with your crystal beads (should you choose to use them). Dress your floating candle in the rose oil, cardamom, and allspice, in addition to your own tea lights (if you choose to use them), and place the floating in the water and the tea lights around the bowl. Light the incense and then and recite the following:

Glowing goddess Aphrodite,
And crashing waves of the sea,
I call upon thee.
Passionate love is what I seek,
A connection with someone that is unique.
For experience, I need my fill
Send me someone who’ll give a thrill to me.
But heed my words,
A person who respects my limits is favored.

May they’re cool and flowing like a stream,
And stir my head.
May they be deep and strong like the sea,
And unafraid to show emotion.
I mystify May they so,
Like the mermaids deep down below.
May they love me like they are loved by me,
And see me as a precious gem.

I ask for your help Goddess Aphrodite,
And of the energy of the sea that is majestic,
Your strong birthplace and its affect on me.
I long to feel another’s loving embrace,
And yearn to do something chaste.
Let the two of us passionately collide
Such as the riptide and the surfer.
Both of us can grow together,
Expanding in all directions such as sea feathers.

This is my will, and harm none, so mote it be.

And there you have it! I hope the Passionate Love Sea Shell Spell works you have all the success, and blessed be!

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