Invoke The Prime Element Inside Yourself


All of us harbor the four elements within us we tend to draw internal power from one. This is the part of your soul. This Invoke The Prime Element Inside Yourself spell will allow you to explain which element your draw from.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A clear mind (I suggest meditating till you can clear your mind’s eye of petty thoughts and anxieties)
1 red candle (fire)
1 white candle (Air)
1 blue candle (Water)
1 brown candle (Ground)
1 item of power/protection (a charm, amulet, ect.) I personally use a clear quartz crystal, Lapis Lazuli(my birthstone) or my Talisman.
And anything else you feel might add to the potency of the spell.
You’ll have to decide on what time of night or day to preform this spell. I think the enabled around 11pm – 12pm during the Waxing Crescent Moon.
In addition, I recommend burning some Acacia while preforming this.

Casting Directions for ‘Invoke The Prime Element Inside Yourself

In a quiet and serene place, face north and cast your circle(with your athame or index finger). Place the red candle to the north to the south on the edge of this circle, the candle once your circle is cast and finally the white candle to the east. Light the candles in a clockwise motion, starting saying the titles, either out loud or in your mind, of the elements they represent. Once all candles are lit chair yourself(or stand if you prefer) in the center. Together with your thing of power/protection in hand, recite this incantation:
“Come forth fire, water, earth and air. Where both soul and my power reside, I seek to know the component inside. Now is the hour, now is the time. Bring the element of my soul forth, my element prime! In my mind’s eye I summon you ! Reveal my element! (x3–>)So mote/may it be!

After: Blow out the candles and banish your circle.

You should have a clear vision/picture of your element on your thoughts if this spell effective.

My thoughts was entered by a vision of a woman kneeling in prayer as she held a candle into her heart upon using this spell. I gathered that my element was fire

(I am open to feed back as to whether this particular Invoke The Prime Element Inside Yourself spell worked or not for you, just please be kind with your words.)

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