Charm to Invoke Love


This is a charm.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 4inx4in pieces of fabric that is red
Two pieces of paper
A pen with ink
A copper coin, such as a penny
A small seashell
Needle and thread

Casting Instructions for ‘Charm to Invoke Love’

Fold one piece of paper in half lengthwise. Cut out a heart creating the template for cutting out the two fabric hearts. Envision one heart representing you and another representing, as you cut the 2 hearts. On the piece of paper, write the full name of the one as it will fit you desire as many times. When you have finished this, then fold the paper around the coin until it is very small and will fit between the two hearts. Lay the casing on top of coin and the folded paper and put them between the two fabric hearts. Begin sewing the two hearts imagining them getting one. Imagine your heart and the heart of the one you want doing exactly the same. Sleep until your love manifests with the charm beneath your pillow. If it doesn’t, your love wasn’t meant to be and it is probably best to move on. (If you do not understand how to sew, then follow these directions: Tie a knot at the end of your thread once you set it through the needle. That the knot will be within the charm put the needle through the edge of the best heart. Pull your knot but be careful not to pull through it. Next, put your needle through the borders of both hearts and put your finger in the loop of thread. Pull your needle and remove your finger. This will produce a knot. Repeat this process till you have sewn the two hearts shut.)

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