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Casting Instructions for ‘Lunarkinesis’

Technique One: Negative Energy Summon.To use negative energy, you need to understand how to muster it. Feel out the Psi in your body. Now start to consider feelings that strongly anger you. Also think of things of evil (demons, vampires, etc.. .) . Now picture all those thoughts spreading out of your mind and creating a coat around your body. Now use the Psi Flame technique so that your Psi must pass through the coating. As it does, picture the coating changing the color of your Psi to a dark purple or blue. You’ve summoned negative energy.

Strategy 2: Negative Ball.This technique requires the manipulation of energy. If you do this technique in a darkened room, you should be okay. If not, first use the Negative Energy Gather technique. If you are in a darkened room, make a Psi ball. Absorb the negative energy in the room. Visualize it like the Psi ball is bringing the negative Psi. Then create a Psi ball with that energy. If not, first summon some energy. Put your hands in the way that you would normally earn a Psi ball. Picture the negative energy flowing in between your palms. Shape the energy into a ball. You have created a negative ball.

Strategy Three: Scream of Rage.Power all of the negative energy you’ve gathered into your palm. Focus all your hatred, rage and negative energy into a Psi ball. If you’re friends with your opponent or understand them well, try to focus one of the fears into the ball as well.

Strategy Four: Beam of Despair.Draw energy out of something dark and allow the negative energy flow throughout your body for a while. When you get used to having a good deal of negative energy in you, transfer the darkened Psi into your palms. The fire it like a Psi Beam.

Strategy 5: Grudge Settler.A word of warning this technique is dangerous and powerful. Use only as a last resort. First, convert all of your energy into negative energy using the Negative Conversion technique. If you’re out of energy, then use either the Negative Energy Gather technique or the Dark Drain technique. Alter the negative energy to your hands and raise them above your head. Produce a large Negative Ball using the negative energy. Do not stop raising the ball’s size until it’s very heavy. Picture it as a bomb. This will make it unstable. Hurl the ball at a target or in the ground. There will be an explosion of negative energy, hurting you and all others in the blast radius.

Technique Six: Dark Drain.Grab somebody and visualise roots, made of your negative emotions (your hate, your anger, your sorrow etc.) and hanging off your hands, jabbing into them. The roots whip around their body, taking electricity and draining it. Visualise the energy flowing into you through the roots. When you have accumulated enough energy, let go. You’ll feel refreshed and they will most likely feel dazed.

Technique Seven: Negative Conversion.First, gather some non-negative energy. To rephrase, energy of any kind aside from negative. Move it to your chest. Now, transfer any negative feeling you have to your chest. Sadness, anger, hatred, fear; most of them are likely to be shifted. Picture the negative emotions as a purple or blue gas. Visualise the energy being tainted by the gasoline, getting a dark blue, indigo or violet colour. The energy is now negative energy.

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