Reject Negative Energy


This spell is designed to help rid the body of negative energy that will restore the body to its natural state. By using this spell, you will feel much more relaxed and feel energized. Only use 1-2 times per week as may cause headaches.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A quiet surrounding.
Tank top and shorts as it will find a little messy.
A rug or something else to protect floor from staining.
A light colored soft towel and white washcloth.
A soft sponge.
Frankincense, rather, or any other incense works fine.
Lighter or some games.
Three small bowls.
Pebbles or anything to keep incense stick set up.
Purified water.
Fresh rose petals, rather light.
Natural oil, preferably peppermint and rose.

Casting Instructions for ‘Reject Negative Energy’

Go to a room.

Shut the door as negative energy will roam the living space, and that is not desired.

Change into tank top and shorts.

Place rug into the place where you will sit.

Light the incense stick.

Place into bowl of chosen stick holder.

Take the other bowl and fill halfway with organic oil, and mix well.

Place some rose petals from the bowl of oil.

Take the final bowl and then pour purified water into it.

Dip the washcloth into water and proceed to “wash your body”, so it can be free of dirt.

Take towel and lightly dab skin to dry off water.

Use the final washcloth to dip in oil with petals.

Smooth oil onto skin.

If some petals become stuck, leave them as they will be washed off later.

When finished, start to meditate, closing your eyes, not believing of anything.

While meditating, pretend that there’s light in a far corner.

Use a hand to catch the light.

If you feel that the light warming your hand, you’re doing well.

Next, imagine the light engulfing you, filling you with warm ness.

Feel yourself growing more relaxed as you feel the light and smell the incense.

Imagine the light eating all the bad energy, imagine the negative energy being expelled.

Allow the light remain in you.

Focus on the light for a bit more.

Slowly open your eyes and you need to feel comfortable and at peace.

Stay seated on the carpet for a while longer, letting your skin absorb the oil.

Take the jewelry and set into cup of oil.

Take out and place it on.

Proceed to clean up.

Place old cloths into the washer, all dirty clothes will also be put to wash.

Take a shower, cleaning yourself of oil and rose petals.

Throw away rose petals.

Use a clean towel to dry off skin.

Dry off your hair and sleep.

When you wake up, you will feel at rest although there are many issues in your life.

During the next few days, place incense sticks throughout your living room to get rid of lingering negative energy.

Provided that the incense lets off the smell, there will be peace.

Perform this ritual 1-2 times per week max to prevent any headaches.

If you felt headaches or any not well symptoms, do not perform this ritual unless you are well and have eaten healthy and until you slept well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please inform.

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