Stop Nightmares


This is a really simple ritual, easy for all to perform. It should work for men and women who have repeating nightmares (kids as well).

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 white candle (not large)
1 silver or white ribbon (it should be long enough to fit your wrist)
Any piece of silver/ an object made of silver

Casting Instructions for ‘Stop Nightmares’

Sit in the dark in your bedroom, put the ribbon around the candle, light the candle and put it some place opposite to your face. Watch the fire burning for couple of minutes and unwind… then shut your eyes and envision beautiful scenes… which are, in your head, related to emotions of happiness and peace. It could be anything, its quite an individual thing. Meditate for as long as you desire. When you feel relaxed and ready to focus on one single thing, approach the window, holding the burning candle in your hands, and look at the Moon. If you cant see it from your window, or any other window in your place, or from the yard, just keep on standing there and just examine the Sky. Say these words: The Moon is my friend whos listening to me bringing the beauty in my dreams. The stars are here forever to glow, bringing calmness and peace of mind. When I shut my eyes they wont be gone, keeping me safe until the sunrise. You can repeat these words as many times as you need, if you feel you need to. After this, extinguish the flame, in the event the candle hasnt burned down, then take the ribbon off and put it around your wrist before going to bed. Leave the candle and a piece of silver on your window until the next morning. Then get rid of both of them, and the silver ribbon from your wrist. You can repeat this ritual 1-3 times a week, always using a new candle and a fresh ribbon. However, collect the ribbons. When you feel that your nightmares are gone and you eliminate them, bury your ribbons. You can perform this small ritual once weekly. It may be done on any night of the week.

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