Strega Herb Jar


A strega herb jar is a jar, with herbs inside, designed to provide protection for you and your home (or those who reside in it.)

You may need the following items for this spell:

Bay Leaves
Glass Jar
Gemstone (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Strega Herb Jar’

A ‘Strega Herb Jar’ is a jar of selected herbs developed to guarantee protection over you, your house and people who take residence in it. Depending on the herbs chosen, it can leave a scent that is nice and may also seem like an attractive kind of ornament.
The Strega Herb Jar has been traced to Italy, as ‘Strega’ is Italian for ‘witch.’ Stregheria is a system of Witchcraft with Italian origins, and the term itself is an archaic word in the Italian language which translates to the English word Witchcraft.
Now, put a small amount of each herb into the jar (you may wish to do so in layers for more ornamental effect). Once you’ve filled the jar with herbs up to the top, you might want to add your bead of choice. Do not fret if you don’t want to bring a gemstone, this step is optional.
Additionally, you may want to call upon a deity of your choice, and ask them to get their attention and blessing. This may be done in the form of a simple prayer.
Pop the cork in the top of the jar, sealing it. Before setting the jar down on a shelf or window of your choice, shake it slightly. From time to time, shake the jar and allow the aroma of the cork remind you that you are protected.
*You may use a substitute for any herb shown in the listing, for another herb that’s thought to have cleansing or protective properties.
*A Strega Herb Jar may also be used for the purpose of bringing good luck.

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