Jar Love Spell


Use this jar to sweeten someone to you or into an idea you have. This spell is slow so patience is necessary to take effect.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Parchment paper(petition newspaper)
red candle(s)
photo of you
photo of target
Lavender or clove honey
cinnamon stick
red pen
red wine
latex gloves
personal concerns(optional)
red thread (optional)
magical oil (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Jar Love Spell’

Take the name/picture of the one you would like to enchant and your image and drizzle honey on your faces sticking them together(If you use lavender instead wrap the images with red thread or ribbon.) . Your goal stuck to you like honey. Place in the bottom of the jar.

On a sheet of parchment paper big enough to fit their whole name(from birth) and birthdate. Write it 5 times to signify earth,water,air,fire and spirit.

Then write your name in a ninety degree angle over theirs, 5 times. It should look like this .

After you’ve got the names and birthdates compose what you would like around the titles with the pen. Do it in a single loop, don’t lift the pen from the paper until the first word and the last connect. Try to keep it simple like want me,mary me, forgive me, etc.. .

Whether there are certain love herbs you want to add put those in first such as: cinnamon stick, etc.. .

Put some red wine in the jar and then visualize your goal drunk with love for you. This is optional but if you do not mind bleeding you can put 5 drops of blood in and for 5 drops of menstrual blood.

After you have put on your herbs,personal concerns, and petition paper fill with lavender or the honey

Seal the jar and set the candle that is red/pink/white over, allowing it to burn so the wax in the candle seals the jar.

For regular burns a candle over the jar praying and visualizing your goal coming to fruition. The week then move down to three times on Monday,Wednesdays, and Fridays. You’ll want to begin this on the waxing moon as the moon is growing, since this is for positive effect. After two months overlook it to help you request to come to fruition, if you obsess about it and set the honey jar in a spell it could cause adverse energy to enter your spell and wipe out.
Set the jar in a place until you have been responded to by your lover. Take the jar to a stream or lake and deposit it there once you’ve attained your desire (i.e. you got married to the individual or are moving in together, etc…)

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