To Know the Child Within


This charm is a variation on a technique which appreciates that most of us have aspects of ourselves which can go unrecognized and therefore undeveloped. By using your space you’re improving the connection you make. The main tool is visualization

You will need the following things for this spell:

Green or blue candle to signify healing
An incense or essential oil which reminds you of -your childhood
Doll or poppet to signify the child you were
Salt water
White cloth
Your altar

Casting Instructions for ‘To Know the Child Within’

Light the incense and your candle. Choose a particularly great childhood-memory. Hold the poppet in your arms and believe -about the child. Treat the poppet as though it had been a-child.

Say: I name you (use your childhood name of nickname)

Hold the poppet on your arms -stone it, and speak to it. Tell it everything you would have liked to hear as a child. Imagine that it tells you how-it feels and talks to you and what it wants. You might listen to your childish voice.

Let your personal voice change in reaction. Play with the poppet. Now become aware of your adult self again. Sprinkle the doll with a salt to wash the past that is negative away. Raise your energy by whatever method you prefer color breathing, a brief-meditation or an appeal to the gods.

Visualize yourself pouring that positive-energy to the doll, which represents self. Imagine the child you would have enjoyed and project that image in your doll. Continue until you can feel a change in the energy and you feel at peace.

During this time you may realize that you’re currently crying or laughing like a kid. This is acceptable and is-simply a discharge of energy. You may find that the poppet or doll starts to -feel vibrant and alive, glowing with love and white-light.

Kiss doll or the poppet. Wrap it in fabric as you would a baby -and lay it to rest on your altar. Leave the candle to burn out. Leave your space that is sacred secure.

It is important that you devote time to return to normal, so you’ll have to spend a little-time just enjoying the individual you’ve become.Ground yourself by whatever method you choose,touching the earth, taking a walk, having a bath or-whatever you prefer. There is A activity also excellent. You will probably find which you tend to dream somewhat vividly uncover a few of the joys and hurts of childhood.

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