Wash Off Negative Energy


IF you’re having a bad day or are only feeling crummy this should help you. I personally do this and it works well for me. REMINDER: some things are not suitable for everyone so find something that works for you! 🙂

You may need the following items for this spell:

A Shower

Casting Directions for ‘Wash Away Negative Energy’

Like you normally would fix your shower. (No need for any special supplements or herbs but if you want to use something that is absolutely fine. Do what works for you!)

Put shampoo into your hair and picture the negative energy from coming from your head and to the shampoo and when you wash the shampoo from your hair visualize all that negative going down the drain. (If you condition your hair imagine the good stuff seeping into you.) When you are done with the top draw (with your finger) a protection symbol on your forehead. (I usually just do a pentagram.)

Then when you move down to your own body. (It is imperative that you go from top to bottom. That is the only requirement to this.) Wash your body like you normally would but once you do this imagine that damaging being washed off, as you rinse off your body, of you. Then draw the protective emblem (with your finger) on your torso.

Then do your feet and legs similar to the torso and when completed draw the protective symbol on the bottoms of your feet.

What I do after this is grounding and gather positive energy from mother earth. (If you don’t do so then do it your way!! That is how the magic happens!)

Merry Meet. Blessed be.

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