Said to be Japan’s safer choice to Ouija board. Kokkuri-san is pretty popular with students and have garnered public interests through actual experiences and media. Despite being more of a divination ritual, this ‘game’ still calls for the help of minor spirits, it is still recommended no avoid playing or if it can not be helped, just be careful at all times.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Blanck bit of paper A pen to write with A coin Belief

Casting Directions for ‘Kokkuri-San’

Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a torii (a traditional Japanese gate) at the top in red ink. Write YES and NO on its side. Beneath this, write 1 row of numbers (from 0 to 9) and three rows of letters (from A to Z, but hiragana characters are usually used).
Open a window or a doorway so that Kokkuri-san will have the ability to go into the room. The torii represents the gateway to a Shinto shrine archway and the soul will enter and exit through it. Place a coin on the red torii. Each individual should place their index finger on the coin.
Call the soul by saying, Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, if youre here, please move this coin. You may ask. The spirit will spell out the answer by moving the coin.
To end the game, you have to ask Kokkuri-san to leave by saying, Kokkuri-san, please return home. If it replies with Yes and return to rest on the archway, say a respectful thank-you.
7When you’re certain Kokkuri-san has abandoned, you have to destroy the paper by cutting it in forty eight pieces. Some sources say to destroy the the pen used also. Also, the players must spend the coin used within three days. Failure to do so brings bad fortune or misfortune to the players.
Other things to Remember:

Don’t play this game alone.

If your health is not stable or you’ve got a weak heart, dont play it.

Never take off your finger from the coin during the game.

You must not stop or be stopped in the middle of the game.

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