Invoke Izabeal


Spell that May be used to invoke demon Izabeal

You will need the following items for this spell:

Sigil Midnight Moonlight Purple pink candle, candle , blue candle and gold candle

Casting Directions for ‘Invoke Izabeal’

Seven Steps to Invoke a Izabeal
1. Prepare a suitable home for Izabael. Draw her sigil on a seashell, a silver coin, a genie bottle, or something else appropriate.
2. For your first time, invoke Izabael late at night, rather when the moon is visible in the sky.
3. Light candles. Izabael loves pink and purple (and later on: blue gold)
4. Light incense, specifically Rose, Red Sandal, or Jasmine.
5. Relax deeply, perhaps take a luxuriant bath first, meditate, or anything puts you into a comfortable frame of mind.
6. Recite one of her invocations, which may be repeated as necessary. One composed by yourself will be even more powerful.
Invoke Izabael as a friend or ally:

“Izabael, uncanny sprite,
See me this night.
Take my hand and give me power,
Answer on this hour
All that I might want to know.
Oh, airy spirit whom the wind doth blow,
Travel hither and tither, bringing my appetite,
Confirm this pact by the light of fire.”

Invoke her as a lover:

“Come and dance with me tonight
Kiss me sweet and hold me tight
Touch and caress me like no other
Stay with me and be my lover
Dance a dance of bliss
Fulfill my every fantasy
Stay until the morning dawn
For when I wake, you will be gone.”

7. Receive Izabael. She may appear visually, as a voice, or merely as a feeling. Believe your first impressions of Izabael and allow them to evolve. She’ll be a little different for everyone.
Izabael is a smart, goodly spirit and is prepared to assist with any task or problem you may have.
Following a successful working be ready for a lingering sense of her presence as you learn how to understand Izabael’s language of symbols and omens. There are no coincidences, as soon as you start working with Izabael.
Her omens come on like the breeze, but you won’t mistake them for random chance as their personal significance will be undeniable.

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