Invoke Death


Call death upon those you deem deserving.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 black candles
1 small bowl
Water (preferably from a natural river)
Quill and red ink (or a red pen)
1 small piece of paper
1 rose
Jasmine Oil

Casting Instructions for ‘Invoke Death’

Please note: This has a eater prospect of working when done in the gifts of a full moon. This does however, have to be performed at night. The closer to midnight the last step is completed, the more effective this spell will be. This spell also isnt guarenteed to kill the person, but even if it doesnt, the person will experiance some sort of pain or suffering, be it emotionally, mentally or indeed physically. It’s advisable that you get as much sleep as possible before casting this spell. This is so you can rest your mind and regain your energy, which is vital for thgis spell. I also recommend you sleep because you may not get very many hours of sleep whilst casting this spell. Light your 3 candles. Place two either side of you, and one infront of you. Put the bowl of water between you and the candle infront of you, and set your own quill, ink, paper, rose, lavender and lavender oil in between you and the owl. Ensure you are in a quiet, dark brea. Meditate in this layout until you have cleared your mind. This can help you focus on the spell. As soon as you’ve finished your meditation, anoint your forehead, throat, heart, stomach and feet, and sit in the lotus position (if you werent already). Pick up your quill and dip it in your ink (or just take your red pen). Picture the person who you wish death upon, and write their full birthname on the paper (the title written in their birth certificate). Pick up your rose. Pick off the petal furthest away from you, and rub on the title you have written on the paper with it. (PLEASE make certain that the ink is dry, even if you used a pencil. Smudging the name can be a serious threat, and can get the spell to backfire, which can lead to aerrible thingsr) Next, carefully pick a thorn in the increased and pierce the paper with it. Take out the thorn and kiss the paper. This next part can be harmful. Pick up your rose. Channel the negativity and darkness within you, and shut your eyes. Imagine the individual of your choice suffering, dying. Imaging this negative energy and vision projecting to the petals, thorns, stem of your rose. Fill your rose with the darkness and negativity in your soul. When you feel as if you have achieved the above, open your eyes and look into the fire infront of you, and whisper the following: Nyx, Erebus, Thanatos. I call upon you, O great deities. Rise from your old thrones once again, and accept the soul that I offer. May they be chained to your feet. May they serve you for eternity. Warning! Next step can be quite dangerous, take caution. Burn the paper and rose in the candle. Stare in the flame and keep channeling your darkness and negativity. Once the paper and rose have burnt completely, take the ash, the wick of the candle which you used to burn off the items, and a little bit of the wax which had melted. Place these in the bowl of water. Add 6 drops of Jasmine oil, and the lavender. Blow out the rest of the candles and submerge yourself in the darkness. Kneel down and hold the bowl up over your head. Ensure your eyes are firmly closed and your head f.ted down. Hold this position for a minute. In this time, clear your head. Once this has been completed, take your bowl someplace that’s exposed to moonlight (best in a full moon). Leave the bowl here overnight. Before the sun rises, go to the place you left the bowl, and then pour it alongside the nearest tree.


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