Death in a Nightmare


This is an dangerous spell,it is very unpredictable.If ahead with it you’ve been warned. This spell will kill anyone in an other world, in a nightmare. It can back fire on the cast. . End up killing.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 red candles
3 black candles
3 grey candles
3 purple candles that are dark
full moon
a small mirror
A clump of hair
A few drops of blood from both
a small bowl
A Couple of herbs Aconite,Agrimony,Almond,Althea, bay,and Borage, (cut into small pieces and burn)
and a lighter

Casting Directions for ‘Death in a Nightmare’

The spell must be done in midnight on a full moon. 1. Get all the ingredients together.

2. Get in the basement or a room thats completely consumed in darkness, if theres a window,leave it,its part of the spell.

3. Draw a pentagram.

4. Sit at the base of the pentagram, while having the ingredients in the arms.

5. Put all of the candles around the pentagram.

r. Prior to the caster starts, say this spell;

All the creatures of the dark rivers of blood, from another world I call out to you,allow me to kill this one soul,from this planet onto yours however he’s giving me great pain,gods and goddesses of death and misery,please hear my plea. . Make him/her soul suffer.

7. Following the caster is completed with the spell,place the bowl into the middle of the pentagram and put the herbs into the bowl.

8. Set the mirror on the left side of the casters body.

9. Set the blood of the victim on the mirror and the casters from the bowl.

10. Place some of the hair on the mirror and the rest into the bowl.

11. Before setting the herbs on fire repeat the spell.

12. Put the lighter to the bowl,quickly take it out.

13. Repeat the spell.

14. Set the mirror where the moonlight can hit it. Then leave until the following morning, remove the candles and reuse the wax for one more death spell, retained the herbs in a window, then kept the mirror their till a month after the caster did the spell, still kept the mirror at a window. The person is either dead, suck or tortured the human world as a soul,but as one whom can inflict injury to a mortal.


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