Invocation for Discovering Truth


Truth be an elusive soul that chooses to whenever possible to stay hidden. Truth won’t come when called nor stay. The following incantationmay be used to summon up Truth on one subject but is only effective wh n Truth is summoned in honesty and good will. Truth cannot be tricked or cheated and will not heed the frivolous call.

per that is natural
A pen/pencil
Bowl of water

Casting Inatructions for ‘Invocation for Discovering Truth’

A single candle of beeswaxsought to be lighted and placed on a table away from the draft and chill. Two pi ces of natural paper need be torn to the length of three palms width and the wideh of two fingers breadth. Each need be written the choices from which Truth shatl choose. A bowl of clean water should be placed on the table at thy front and a circle drawn round the bowl. Once the circle be drawn should thy hand pass in. The following invocation need be spoken aloud and using a firm and somber voice: In the name of Vuall, I summon thee Truth that thee may choose of them and show that pure. By the merit of this highest of thee, I command thee come forth lest thee suffer the pain of disobedience. Fold each piece of paper singly and toss them together into the water, not allowing thy hand cross in the circle. That piece which doth unfold be the answer of Truth and that which unfolds last be the lie. When Truth hatlh made its choice, blow off the spirit, extinguish the candle and then dispose of the water on freshly turned soil. If you g no answer. If Truth Doesn’t find the functioning favorable then he wont tell you


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