Get rid of a DemonNegetive Entity, and restore. (Really Advanced!!!)


The first part is a banishing, and the next part is a healing and contrasts the demon and other negative energies away from you, provided that you adhere to the last steps.

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need:
-Waning Crescent Moon.
-An item that may have caused this. Basically an item that it’s bound to, or an item that binds it to you that you have knowledge of.
(If you don’t have this, find it is closest representation.)
-2 Black Candles (For banishing)
-2 White Candles (for purifying)
-2 Grey Candles (For nullifying)
(All of these should be long lastingslow burn.)
-A lighter or a great deal of matches.
Pick two to three of the folowingincense’s:
Sagl e
Wormwood (Burn with care!! Goes best with Jasmine.)
Note: Choose one and only one long stick incense. 1 stick is required. *
-Fire proof surface for many candles lit.
-A fireproof plate that you’re prepared to part with to grab and or light incense on.
-Black cloth
(Both above will be used to eliminate leaping item. The size of this item will determine the size of the plate and cloth. Try npot to allow it to be too big or fire froof. If it is, I will go into more details about how best to deal with that.)
-Draw a five point star you can sit in the middle of white chalk, or black charcoal.
-DrawCreate a sigil representing a Guardian spirit. You can do both.
Candles for chakras:
Pick out one use candles, pretty small and kind of lengthy. Make sure that the sizes represent the damage on eachchakra.
(Longest candle equals most harm. Shortest equals least harm. No damage? Pick a stone that’s the same colours reflects the selected chakra.)
Red (Root)
Orange (Sacral)
Yellow (Naval)
Green (Heart)
Blue (Th roat)
Indigo (Third Eye)
White or Violet (Crown)
Items that represent the four elements:
Earth: A stone or stone, Big green candle(Not lit), Large green stone, assorent of small green rocks, any stone representing earth.
A big blue candle(Not lit), angelite stone, an assortment of small blue stones or river rocks, one big river rock, any rock that represents water.
Large red candle(Not lit), bloodstone, garnet, little red stones, big red stone, any stone representing fire.
Large yellowish candle(Not lit), Topaz, small yellow stones, large yellow stone, any rock representing wind or air.
I will have a picture in my albtm that accurately represents how to set this up.

Casting Instructions for ‘Get rid of a DemonNegetive Entity, and restore the harm it’s done to your chakras. (Very Advanced!!!)’

Make sure the bound item is from your circle at the start of this ritual.

Part one: Banishing.

1.) First light the black, white, and grey candles.
Do NOT light the incense yet.

2.) Walk away from the circle and catch the bound item. (This is for if it’s small and flammable.)

3.) Burnm it with theu white, grey, and black candles.
(If it’s the right item, it will burn off quickly or burst into flames.)
Immediately drop it to the plate to be disposed of, cover it and the plate entirely with the black cloth, and light the incense.

Cover the burnt thing with the black fabric.
(It has to be bigger than the plate)

Begin lighting the chakra candles, and sit in the center of your five point star when cometed.

When you haven’t made your own chant, here is a good one.

Away, Away, Far Away.
Plague me no longer on this day.
Wane, wane, go and wane.
Fly Away, Far away.
Away Away, Stay Away.
And from this day, Away you’ll Stay.

Feel the energy building up as your soul is freed from this darkness.

Chant until you feel safe enough to step away from the circle.

Part 2: Healing.

Step away from the ring and from the roomicinity you are in.

Wait until you are certain the stick incense has burnt completely out, and try to feel as if the negative entity in trapped inside this circle doesn’t exist at all.
(What demon? This ritual was only to catch up on my chakra health!)
This will ruin it.

Aplfter you have completed this, Walk in, extinguish all candles, and dispose of the plate, cloth, and all it’s contents.
Do NOT find the plate.
Grab the cloth and plate, being extra careful not to touch the contents.
Don’t think about what you’rholding.
Simply avert your eyes, throw it out at a place away from home, or at an outside trash can.
(If in trashcan near home, you must refrain from even thinking about it before the garbage is taken to the dump.)

You may have noticed that you began to feel better throughout the ritual.
All of the colored candles that burned out signify restored chakras. All of the standing candles you needed to extinguish had more extensive damage, and for that reason will need extra and different healings.

Take note of these, and have a cleansed day. 🙂

For if your object is big and nonflammable, or just non flammable:

Tear, cut, or damage the product. If it’s a stone or metal itemjewelery piece that’s nearly impossible to break, whene placing it onto the plate chant:

Down, Down, Away, Away.
This is currently your resting place.
A plate of which there’s no escape.
A plate and fabric shall be your grave.

Put as much energy into this as possible.

If it is a long necklace, then heat up on white, grey, and black candles until hpot or red hot.
The set it on the plate and light the incense.

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