Invite a Fairy


To summon a fairy in your home. Please be aware that all of the components are optional, and that you don’t need to include all of them in your spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A thimble of milk Some fairy-sized furniture Potted plants Crystals Shiny and glittery trinkets A white candle A music box Some honey A little piece of bread Anything else a fairy might like

Casting Directions for ‘Invite a Fairy into your Home’

1. Set up a small space to place all of the components you have chosen. It should be in a room that is clean and clean, with low light.

2. Put the items on this area. These items are the offerings to the fairy. They might not take it together physically, but they will appreciate it for sure.

3. Clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing. Try to get as serene as possible, before saying “I welcome you to be my guest, o little fairy”.

4. Leave the room for a few hours. Fairies are shy, and they might require some time before they’re confident enough to socialize with you. Do not get disappointed if they do not want to interact at all, they like to have privacy.

5. When you come back to the room, look for signs that they have been there. Maybe something moved while you where gone, or something might be missing.

Keep doing this for as long as you’d like. After some time you’ll have gained the faeries’ trust, and they might want to socialize with you, or assist you on your magical workings. Good luck!

WARNING: None of the items used in this spell should be made from iron, as it can hurt the faeries.

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