Welsh Fairy Spell


I did lots of research. I discovered that ellyllon are what most people today picture when they think of fairies. This is the spell for you if you want wings and fairy powers like them!

You may need the following items for this spell:

2 cups of water
1 Bowl of dirt(for ground powers)
1 Bowl of rain water with salt (for water forces)
1 candle (for flame powers)
A bowl (only for fire powers)
Being out on windy day (for atmosphere powers)
3 Flower Petals
3 leaves
Fairy dust (regular glitter if you don’t have it) to your wings (be sure it respresents a Fantastic aura : for example, even though dark pink is a great color, it has a bad meaning)
Glitter Glue for another colour on your wings
A cup of cream milk or butter
A stick of some kind (cinnamon stick, chocolate bar, candy cane, etc) that smells good

Casting Directions for ‘Welsh Fairy Spell’

I created four versions of this potion. One per element. Really consider which element you want your ability to be.However there is only 1 spell. Fire Fairy Light your candle. Close your eyes and breath deeply. Imagine your eternal flame burning carefully. Imagine your wings on your back. Now its time to make the potion. Take your bowl and pour 2 cups of water. Take your fairy dust and sprinkle it. DO NOT STIR! Put Now place them in the bowl and take your petals and leaves. Stir with your stick and be sure they are covered in sparkles. When a good amount is melted, put the candle in the potion. Be careful. Pour your milk or cream or melt your butter and put it. Stir. Say the spell at the bottom of the directions, then use your rod to put the potion in the center of your forehead, the tip of your nose and your chin.

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