Having a Baby The Wiccan Way


If you want this spell to be successful, you need to do it during the time that you are most fertile. Ahead of time, you should gather together one banana, one apple, an agate crystal and a knife. Both the banana and the apple are symbols of fertility. The agate crystal represents happiness, fertility, and health, among other things.

When you are ready to begin your spell, clean off the apple and the banana. Slice the fruit and combine them in a bowl. Grab your agate crystal and head to a forest or a park. If you have a garden, that is the best choice. Look for a tree; a birch tree is preferable, but you can select anything.

If you can, it is best to put up a circle of protection around the tree. If you cannot do that, find a good place to sit and put up a protective circle. Call out to the God and Goddess and tell that that you want to carry a child. Talk about what you want your family to look like and your desire to be a parent. Speak about the love that you have in your heart.

Pick up the fruit bowl and recite these words “Goddesses and Gods of fruition and fertility, take this offering and bring my sweet child to me. All be well, mote it be.”

Dump the fruit at the base of the tree.

Pick up the agate crystal and allow yourself to feel happiness and love. Think about being pregnant. Visualize giving birth. If you believe it, it can happen. Think about what your baby will look like. Will it be a boy or a girl? What will it feel like to be a parent? What will your child’s school years look like? What activities will you do with your new family? What would change for you? Allow the visualization to take over while you clutch your crystal. Give it energy through your own energy.

Stay with the visualization for as long as feels appropriate. When you are finished, thank the God and Goddess for being with you and helping you.

Do not separate from the agate crystal. Make sure it is close and hold it when you feel the need to. Allow it to remind you of what your goals are. Be happy and joyful.

Your child is not a physical presence in your life yet, but he or she will arrive when the time is right. That does not mean you cannot talk to your child however. Tell your little one how much you want him or her and how you can’t wait for their birth day.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that there are several herbs that will make you more likely to become pregnant. Stay away from coffee and consume nettle tee instead.

Once the process is complete, stay away from stressful situations and try not to worry about anything. If you are able to relax, you are much more likely to become pregnant. Understand that the pregnancy may not happen immediately. If you are able to enjoy your life and not allow your potential pregnancy to consume you, you are more likely to have your little one on the way sooner rather than later. This is advice is true for anyone that is trying to have a baby. Have fun with your partner and enjoy being a family of two for the time being. Recognize that the Universe is one with you, and your dreams will become a reality one day. Continue to visualize your future baby and hold hope in your heart for the future.

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