Male Fertility And The Link With Cernunnos


Cernunnos is the Celtic God of Fertility. He is also called the Horned God, and this spell calls him forward.

To prepare, gather first a green candle. Then, find a few things that Cernunnos will like. Ideas include apples and other fruit, beer, acorns and wine. You can give him anything, however, as long as you do it with the best of intentions. You also want your offering to break down naturally in the environment.

If at all possible, the spell should be done in a wooded area.

The Spell

Make sure you have the necessary ingredients and then cast the circle. Light the candle and allow yourself to relax and meditate for a moment or two. You want your mind to be calm. Once you have achieved this state, become one with nature. This is a little easier to do if you are outside. If you are inside, think about being in the woods. Picture the trees, the grass and the sky. Think about how you are a part of nature. Engage in this for quite some time; do not go on to the next step until you think you have done it properly.

Once you are ready, you should call forth Cernunnos. The spell that follows is a great guide for you, but you can also say whatever you are feeling.

“Lord of the Dance, Horned God of Fertility,
God of the grains, God of hunting,
I come before you and your fertility
I plead with you to bring fertility to me as well.”

After you have said what you wanted to say, sit quietly for a bit. Allow the spirit of Cernunnos to wash over you. You can produce the offerings that you brought for him at this time as well. If you are inside, simply set the offerings on a plate. Later, you can take them outside and find a good place to lay them. Any liquids can be poured directly into the Earth. Food should be left on the ground, preferably near an oak tree.

Once you have done this, bring forth a picture of your future baby in your mind. Invite Cernunnos’ spirit to join you. You should feel happiness.

Before closing out the circle, make sure to thank God for being there with you.

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