Celtic Animal Zodiac Overview


There is more than one type of zodiac that individuals study and follow. For example, many people are familiar with the Greek zodiac, the type seen by most and represented the most.

The Greek Zodiac is focused on the sun and the moon. Twelve divisions or signs are part of the formation. Those signs include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius, and Leo.

The Greek Zodiac is different from the Celtic Animal Zodiac. The latter is a form of astrology with Wiccan traditions.

What is Wicca? It’s a pagan religion (a religion that does not follow modern traditions, such as Christianity) that appeared in England in the 20th century and born from ancient pagan rituals.

Celtic Wicca is a contemporary tradition of Wicca that focuses on Celtic mythology. The Celtic Animal Zodiac is a form of this belief.

Born from a desire to honor and respect nature and the environment, the zodiac focuses on an animal that is most important during the season and month of an individual’s birth.

There are 13 different animals represented. By studying each animal and their representation, Wiccans believe you can better understand yourself and live a better life.


December 24 to January 20

The Deer is associated with goals and motivation. A person who is born within these dates has high beliefs and high aspirations.

They would be the type of person who would write their goals down and work to achieve them. There’s a term that is often used with goal setters – “never give up.” A person born under the Deer sign would never give up. They would continue with their goals until they reached their dreams.

People born under this Celtic animal may have doubts, but unlike those who quit at the first sign of stress or anxiety or lack of belief, this person would acknowledge that the road ahead is not easy and that the only way to get to the end of the road is to keep pressing on.


January 21 to February 17

People born under the Cat in the Celtic Animal Zodiac are blessed with the gift of intellect and wit. If there is a problem that needs to be fixed, but that requires an above average intelligent and an ability to be good at logic, a person under the Cat has that ability.

Like a Cat, however, they have an independent streak, which means that they may not follow conventional wisdom. That is, however, a good thing, because it sets them apart from the rest.

In addition to being intelligent, people born under the Cat are artistic. They can come up with intelligent creations and unique ways to develop a vision. Without people such as those born under the Cat, the world could be filled with “robots.” Everyone would think and act the same.


February 18 to March 17

Those born under the Snake are cool as a cucumber, but they are also a lot of fun. They are not people who let things go without questioning them, even if it’s all an internal process. They’re always thinking and always figuring things out.

Some people can express themselves well and then some people can’t. Those born under the Snake are excellent communicators who have the “gift of gab.”

They are persistent. Indeed, if they see something that they want, they can figure out how to get it. Also, they like to call the shots when it comes to getting what they want. They’ll go with you if you follow their plan, but they are likely to resist you if you begin to put up roadblocks in pursuit of the plan.


March 18 to April 14

Those born under the sign of the Fox can get the entire room to fall in love with them. There’s a term, “sly as a fox.” That term connotes someone who can’t be trusted, but that’s not the case with this Celtic animal sign.

People born under this sign can be trusted, and they can be loyal. When it comes to seeking a good friend, a person born under this sign could be your friend for life.

They can be a fun friend with a thirst for adventure. Then after your adventures are done, you can talk to them and tell them everything.

They will listen to you, and they will care. That’s part of what makes this person such a great friend.

Cow or Bull

April 15 to May 12

If a person is born within these dates, he or she has many of the distinctions that are associated with the bull. They are strong, and they can be stubborn.

However, the stubbornness is typically born from the ability to know the truth from lies. You can’t fool a person born under this sign. If you’re not honest, they will know.

Bulls also have excellent taste in everything from clothing to furniture. They are the people you would turn to if you want advice on how to make fashion and furniture look good.


May 13 to June 9

There are many interesting aspects to the Seahorse. People born under this sign can come up with various ways to deal with a problem. This is a special gift that many people do not have.

For example, if a person born under this sign wanted to be a lawyer, they would have the aptitude for it. If they wanted to be an accountant, they would be great for this avenue as well. Difficult professions that call for logic and smart thinking are what these people are good at.

These people are born with sharp minds, sharper than most. But they aren’t all business. The Seahorse is also lovable and full of charm. Although they work hard, they also know how to relax and enjoy the people around them.


June 10 to July 7

A Wren is a bird, and people born under this sign are “free as a bird.” They are happy people who have an extreme interest in nature and the preservation of it. They are not people interested in being unkind or cruel to others, especially animals.

Unlike many people in the world, the Wrens are not filled with stress. They have an uncanny ability to remain calm in any situation, no matter how severe.

People born under the Wren are self-assured and have a strong faith. They don’t require permission from others to follow a path. They follow their own path. This is not to say that they can’t work with others, but they don’t require to work with others.

They have a strong moral code and a sense of right from wrong. These are people you can trust in any situation.


July 8 to August 4

Those born under the Horse are incredibly confident. Because of their self-assuredness, they are also extremely competitive.

This is the type of person who would excel in business and have enough confidence to know that they could handle any situation. They are willing to take risks, because they are confident that they can succeed.

Because the Horse is so confident, that confidence exudes. Thus, people are drawn to the confidence. Horses are beautiful and regal, and those are often characteristic s of this particular sign.


August 5 to September 1

When you think of uniquely intelligent, creative people, the Salmon Celtic animal sign comes to mind. These are the people who come up with the most creative ideas, ideas that the average person is incapable of forming.

As a result, these are the people who become famous inventors or famous writers or poets. Their creativity is so strong, their creations become symbols that the rest of the world follow through the passage of time.

There are times when their creativity is so unique that they are misunderstood. However, the bottom line is that their brilliance is eventually respected, no matter how advent garde the idea may be.

Of the many Celtic animal signs, since people born under this sign are brilliant, they are visionaries who know how to reach a result.


September 2 to September 29

When you picture a Swan, you see beauty, elegance and a cut above. People born under this sign are everything that the Swan symbolizes.

Average is not good enough for the Swan. They want the best, and they do what is necessary to get the best.

Some may think people born under the Swan are stuck-up and aloof. However, that is simply what people say who don’t understand the personality.

The Swan demands the best, but they are not judgmental against others who may not hold the same standards. People born under this sign are perfectionists. Everything looks good and runs smoothly because this is what is expected and desired.

Organization and efficiency are the hallmarks of this sign. Laziness and inadequacy are not the goals of the Swan.


September 30 to October 27

The term “social butterfly” is a perfect term for those born under the Butterfly Celtic animal sign. These are not your introverts. Indeed, they are extroverts who have lots and lots of friends.

But it’s not just the Butterfly who has an uncanny interest in being around people. It goes the other way as well. People want to be near the Butterfly. They feel good around people born under this sign.

The Butterfly is positive. They are the people who look at the glass half-full rather than half-empty. That is one of the reasons people love to be around those born under the Butterfly. They cheer everyone up.

The Butterfly will listen to your problems and show you that there’s a solution. They will give you hope in any unfortunate situation you may face or are dealing with.


October 28 to November 24

There are certain aspects to a wolf that are unique to the animal. Two of them is a sense of fearlessness and bravery.

Therefore, people born under this Celtic animal sign have a lack of fear and are very brave. They are the ones that will face a situation head on, fully understanding the risks, but willing to go at it full throttle.

When you think of a hero, you think of the Wolf. They are not weak, and they have energy unmatched by most.

People born under the Wolf are also stubborn and will trust their own instincts first before they would ever back down. They are honest and easy to understand, and they are never complicated. They know how to get a job done without insecurity or drama.


November 25 to December 23

Some people can never stick to a task. They are always distracted or kept from completion due to fatigue or lack of will.

That is not the case for people born under the Hawk. This Celtic animal sign is blessed with the gift of focus.

When there is a task that needs to be done, the Hawk can get it done. They can see the task to completion.

People born under the Hawk have a strong sense of integrity and balance. As a result, they are opinionated and are focused on what they see is right.

They are, however, not immune to compromise. If you can convince a Hawk that your way is the right way, they are willing to do what you see fit.

Although the Celtic Animal Zodiac is studied and appreciated by pagans and Wiccans, you do not have to be a Wiccan or a follower of the Celtic traditions to take advantage of the meaning of the zodiac.

As with the Greek zodiac, matching your birth date with the animal sign can help you to understand yourself and your habits. It can also help you deal with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Celtic Animal Zodiac is an alternative way to look at your place on the calendar and your personality traits. Unlike the Greek zodiac, your relationship with animals becomes paramount in your personality and your habits.


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