Get Rid of Problems


To rid yourself of problems or a troublesome situation, you may use a representation of the issue in a tangled and knotted length of yarn. There are subsequently differing ways of getting rid of the problem. This spell is best done in the time of the entire Moon and is in two parts.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Biodegradable string or cotton yarn
Ingredients for a ritual bath
Three candles

Casting Directions for ‘Get Rid of Problems’

Your string has to be biodegradable because it reinforces the notion that your problems will dissolve. The yarn or string can be in the suitable color for the problem to be solved (green for -money, red for love, etc).

Sit quietly and think of all your fears and -problems. Let them pass in the yarn. Combine this in knots to signify how mixed up your problems makes you feel. 1 way of handling your difficulties is to -take the knotted yarn into a high place and allow the -wind blow it away, together with your negativity.

Another method is to bury the yarn in soft ground, though this method will mean that -the resolution of your issues may come slowly. A third method is to start to untie the knots and -as you do so ask for help in understanding and seeing solutions. This last method doesn’t have to be done all at once but can be achieved over time.


Whichever method you use be certain you take a ritual bath or shower cleanup after working with the series.

Anoint the candles with a purification orboon oil. Anoint the dark candle from the end to the wick to remove bad luck. Others are done from the wick to the end to bring you what you need.

Have your ritual bath as usual.

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