A Spell For Solving Your Problems


It might sound like you need to go to a psychiatrist’s couch if you talk to yourself about problems you are having. However, when you do this, it can frequently help you put things into perspective and view problems in a new way that will help you find a solution.

Find a good day of the week for your spell, and then use things that relate to your problem to decorate your altar with. For example, if there is a problem at your office, then Friday would be a good day for doing the spell and a suitable theme would be green. The magic can all be strengthened by a tourmaline crystal (with magical properties of protection, business, prosperity and friendship), nasturtium (if you are struggle,no matter how hard you work), twigs or birch leaves (if you want to plan a new beginning). Also lay your favorite talismans and charms on the altar and burn some essential oil in your oil burner.

When you have everything positioned in the right place and are prepared to do your magic, just say the following:

Powers I believe to be with me.
Powers I believe to talk with me.
Powers I believe to help me see,
What the answers are to my problem.
Let it be done, that it harm none.

Listen to the voices inside of your head. Answer these voices aloud, using you own everyday words. There is no reason to feel self-conscious. No one will be eavesdropping. The way ahead should slowly form itself. When your magic making concludes, remember these words from an ancient Chinese proverb which states:

The longest journey begins with one step.

You just need to take it and not be afraid.

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