Asking For A Specific Thing You Want – A Spell


It is essential that you cast this spell at the correct time of the lunar cycle if you want it to succeed. If your request to the deities is something that you wish to gain, such as a promotion at work, then you should weave the spell when the moon is waxing. On the other hand, if your intent is to banish something, such as extra weight, you will want to do so when the moon is waning. This simple spell is simply a request to the gods and goddesses to provide you with happiness, health or wealth and can be cast for yourself or another.

You will need some supplies to get started with your spell. In addition to knowing the reason for the spell, you are going to need a particular shell, watercolor and a paintbrush. Go to a beach and find a shell that is sitting in shallow water. Once you are home, make certain that the shell has been completely dried.

Before the waters reach high tide and begin to recede, you will need to cast the spell. Ideally it will be the same beach but any lying in the same direction will suffice. It should be a clear night so that the moonlight is shining down on you. Paint the desire on the outside of the shell and lay it pearly side down on the beach in direct line with the waves. Draw a triangle around it. As the sea washes it and carries it away, use this chant to begin activating the spell. It will begin to work in 7-30 days.

Powers of Earth, Moon and Sea,
Lend your power, please, to me.
Forces which the tide do make,
Ask the waves my spell to take.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

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