A Lucky Spell For A Thursday During Sagittarius


If the moon is waning, this spell will be ineffective. There are several things that you will need to consider when preparing this spell of luck. The ideal time is during Sagittarius. If you can do so on a Thursday just prior to the full moon, you will further increase how well your spell works. Also, use candles with sandalwood essential oil and wear a blue wardrobe for the occasion.

Your birth number is an essential part of this spell. Add all of the numbers of the exact day, month and year in which you were born. Add the resultant digits together again. Continue to do so a third time if necessary to obtain your correct birth number.

Now, you can begin gathering your supplies. You will need to have two candles, one a white altar candle and another blue taper candle. A fireproof dish, pen and paper are required, along with several coins. Gold or silver jewelry; amber or citrine crystals; and sprigs of both clover and white heather must be there as well.

Place the paper on the alter after recording your birth number. Kneel and light the white candle, meditating on what you want. Next, use the flame from the blue candle after lighting it and set the paper on fire in the small dish you brought. Recite these words to cast the spell:

Guardians of this space I pray,
Good luck be with me every day.
Pray bring to me some good news,
And change my fortune that I do not lose.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Allow the bad luck to drift away in the smoke and focus your thoughts instead on good fortune coming your way. Thank the elements for their blessings and conclude your ceremony in the manner you usually do.

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