When Threatened – The Spell For You


There are many different things that can cause you to feel threatened. Whether it is an edgy boss or commuter traffic causing it, the constant emotions accompanying this feeling can wreak havoc on your entire system. Home tensions can rise due to marital problems, financial problems and stress in general can be catchy. In order to enact this spell, you are going to need excellent visualization skills. If you have not yet developed those, you should work on that skill first. You will be forming a crystal shell around yourself that offers protection from threatening vibrations.

Select a lovely clear crystal. It can be quartz or any other one of your choosing, so long as it is clear. Place it on a table so that the sunshine is striking it well. Breathe deeply through your nose while sitting in front of it. Next, exhale through your mouth and repeat until you feel the light absorption from the crystals. You must feel the negative emotions and feelings in order to rid yourself of them.

After a couple of minutes have passed, rise to your feet and begin envisioning the crystal ring rising with and around your body. Once it is over your head, visualize it closing over you, providing protection from the threat that you feel. You can visualize the shape in any way that you find appealing.

Look and see the top of it. Create a strong visual connection to it, even viewing yourself from a secondary point outside of the circle and seeing how safe you are within it. Now, recite the following:

Within this crystal, I am safe from negative thought,
And will be so, whenever I return to it.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Once you feel as though you have fully cast the spell, you can begin breathing normally again. Tell yourself that you can reenter the safe zone any time that you need to. Keep a crystal nearby to further enhance the effectiveness.

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