A Spell For Stopping Wagging Tongues


If you think there is unfair gossip being said about you, spell can be used to stop the wagging tongues. In addition to the items that are listed below, you will need a holly bush since you will be seeking the protection it can provide. It is best to cast this spell whenever the moon is waning on a Tuesday.

You will need the following:

Red ribbon
Snapdragon (antirrhinum) stem
Very small paper square
Red pen
Red taper candle

Face south and light your red candle. See the face or faces who are ones gossiping about you in the flames. Use your red pen to write the names of people on the paper. If you aren’t sure who they are, just right “whomever you might be.” Then fold this piece of paper into a small scroll.

Pluck the biggest flower off of a snapdragon and then open it out very gently. Roll it around the scroll, and repeat the following words, five times:

Allow your tongue to speak goodness,
Allow yourself to have kind thoughts,
Consider what your own faults are,
I know mine.

Keep your scroll in place using the thorn. As you are piercing the flower, say the following:

Protect me when their lips part,
Words not spoken from their heart.
And let it be done, that it harm none.

Take your floral package over to the holly bush,and then bury it under the shade of the bush. Tie the ribbon onto a nearby branch. As you are walking away, see all of the gossip about you as part of the past. Don’t look back.


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